Working in my studio, hanging out in my garden, a piece called Limitless.

Working in my studio, hanging out in my garden, a piece called Limitless.

Hi! I’m Mia.

I’m an artist, running my business from my home studio. I love expressing myself creatively through mixed media; it’s very forgiving and is gratifying to my soul.  Introducing words and phrases into my art allows me to release what’s in my heart during the creation of each piece. It’s my own form of journaling, but I get to add it to my canvas to create a full liberation of emotions and feelings. I replicate my art on products including prints, cards, jewelry, magnets, and journals. Sharing my work with YOU delights my heart and still makes my spirit dance!

My art was born out of self-care and personal healing. Over time, I began to feel more confident to share it with others and was delighted when friends asked to purchase pieces or commission my art. After many years of loving my role as a social worker, I discovered that I was ready to take a leap into using my passion for art as a career.

I now run a full-time art business and take great pleasure in sharing positive images and messages in this roller coaster world. I hope to plant a seed in my viewer's heart that will inspire, uplift them, and remind them they are special just they way they are and most importantly, they are loved by God.

One of the things I love about running my business is that it’s never boring or monotonous. When I feel like moving from creating one art form to another, I can simply switch it up and design jewelry for the afternoon. Or, if the lighting inspires me, I can run outside and do an impromptu photoshoot of my products or take cuttings from my flower garden and create images that way. I am beyond grateful to have a job I love and I am acutely aware my work keeps me grounded to my faith, as well as living with my true purpose!

Another way I find inspiration is through God and nature, oftentimes simultaneously.  Walking in the woods gives me the solitude I need to connect with my higher power and myself. Just being outdoors, listening to the birds, tending to my garden or watching the trees dance are some of the ways I feed my soul and find awe in God’s magnificence.

I am so blessed to be married to an amazing man; we truly treasure each other. We still hold hands when we’re together. It’s the most beautiful experience to be with one person for 20+ years and look at him and know with every fiber of my being how fortunate I am to have found him. He makes me laugh a LOT. With our two children grown, we are now empty nesters and share our lives with Chauncey Gardner, our furry child, who is a 14 year-old shichon.

THANK YOU for visiting, I’d LOVE to hear from you on my contact page!


My Philosophy

I strive to live life s-l-o-w-l-y and deliberately, and disregard what society wants me to do.


I give myself permission to allow silence and honor that quiet nudging from my soul and God. 

Every part of the journey counts.


Adorning myself is a way to HONOR and invite my joy in.


Stretching + growth = LIFE


My favorite color is pink.


I collect heart shaped rocks, & Fire King dishes.


I know for sure God loves each of us and God is love.